Now what?
It’s all too much

Mind melting river mist
Stimulating cold excitement – holy rebirth
The snake rises in the smoke
Aromatic calming carries us up to the sky
Spirits blowing like a cloud

I have become the very nature of my Mother
Duality (du—al—ity)
Black and white side by side
All at once

I have everything figured out
Except you!
Some days manageable…some not
I want to run away – I want to stay
Now each day goes by
Like a bead on my mala
Concentrating on each one
Then letting go

You make me real
Too real


Just Being

You are here
All of your faults
All of your afflictions
Led you here
Without them you would not have the insight you have
They are your allies
Do not view them through the logical mind
Your weakness became your strength
You have the power to be who you want to be
Just acknowledge it
Don’t question it
Let it happen
You are here

My crawfish molted today

Smashed on rocks
Water flows around them
Be water
She told me twice
Resist nothing
They will channel you the proper direction to go
Love the journey
Love your self
Be both
The river empties in to an ocean of bliss
Cold waters turn warm again
Moon light shines on them both

Exoskeletons broken by rocks
Allow one to grow
Become stronger
It wasn’t in vain
The rocks hurt but the growth was beautiful


I stepped out of the UFO
On to the ice of the frozen lake
The leaves are gone
The warmth is gone
The breeze is gone
The tree is cold
I am frozen
Cocooned morphing
I can no longer comprehend this society
Possessions, greed, TV.
I used to be part of it
Seeking fulfillment
I used to be able to understand a little, to remember what it was like
But now I can’t even begin to understand

Alone in a ship that is full of bliss, I have experienced wondrous things
But who believes in UFO’s?
Who really cares?
At first I fought it
Loneliness and happiness side by side
Pain is joy – joy is pain
As I drift farther and farther away, the more I become comfortable with my solitude
It is a gift after all
The next step
Om Maya
Increase dissolution to the supreme female divinity – Kali
I am one with God

September Moon

September Moon
The smoke rises
Fish jump
The serpent crawls up my back
Vultures circle as the sun sets

By the cabin
The rock goes deep
See the layers bending
Yielding to time
A twisted dry root emerges

The trees are awake

On the hill a pine has invited me
Concealed and nestled me at her feet
Shrouded by her needles
Dark secure

A voice begins to sing
Soothing, warm
Like the tears in my eyes
Caressed by happiness
Everything is clear

You are here

I step out
Into your full glory
A hole into the day
Your light illuminates my insides
I am speechless
I am in love
I bow to you


I sat in the base of three shadows
One drifted in the air
One touched the sun
One spread over the water
All three anchored in me – sinking in the sand

Surrounded by the remnants of summer that gently fell around me

My dagger embedded in Her breast – She embraced me – caressed me
Till I could feel Her warm red stillness
Sage carries her soft whispers to my ear
This is your home, where you are supposed to be
It all spirals out from here, endlessly
Can’t you see? – Can’t you just be?
And I was


We had a silent conversation with the night

Answers blew in over the waters
Illuminated trees sat in witness
The old man had taught us to fly

For years I struggled then I was here
Laying on this earth, the wind blowing through me
Two souls blending, dissolving floating through heaven
Returning to our Mother

Walking each step a prayer
Hollow bones filled with energy
Embracing trees and each other
Translucent to the world

Two children danced new in the world – laughed – fell over…
Vulnerable innocent
All is love – love is all
Every thing is clear

We are here now

Being Alone

Every thing drifts

Nothing charts its own course
Everything ends it where it will…

Ending up on a distant shore alone
There is a certain beauty in that

The broken shell in the sand
It asks not to be noticed, no one cares
The shell returns to the sand
This too is beautiful

A certain leaf falls to the forest floor
No one hears it, sees it, there are a million others
It returns to the soil unknown


I followed the river of red to its source
Walking along Her blades edge
Each step cut deeper – deeper
Leaving a crimson glow
Where I went I went alone
It was my choice
Step by step

I sat on the sand bar staring at a reflection
Rippling and distorted cold alone
It was too familiar – too deep
Carried away by currents
Sweet and soft
It drifts away
Like me

I plunged in head long not knowing what to find
Sinking silently into depths of red stillness
Settling into the sands embrace
Crustaceans abound
I lay here – hidden
Secure safe

Waiting with closed eyes praying for the flow to stop
For the blackness – cold
For evaporation
For dry sand

Om maya

Sitting on Logs

Ascend the night stairs
Trees grasp the sky
They crown the hill
The rock speaks
Lights lay at our feet

This moment is amazing…
Beyond words…
Every thing is beyond words
Black and white
But mostly shades of gray

This moment is comforting…
Very warm…
Happy – no longer alone
A sanctuary of branches and stone
Giving strength

This moment is love…
Real love…
The Goddess holds me
Goes through me
I feel her heart beating in mine

I do not question
Or rationalize
Just let it happen

I don’t ever want to leave – part of me wont

Below the rivers power moves over the water
A reminder of great things to come
I will be patient