I stepped out of the UFO
On to the ice of the frozen lake
The leaves are gone
The warmth is gone
The breeze is gone
The tree is cold
I am frozen
Cocooned morphing
I can no longer comprehend this society
Possessions, greed, TV.
I used to be part of it
Seeking fulfillment
I used to be able to understand a little, to remember what it was like
But now I can’t even begin to understand

Alone in a ship that is full of bliss, I have experienced wondrous things
But who believes in UFO’s?
Who really cares?
At first I fought it
Loneliness and happiness side by side
Pain is joy – joy is pain
As I drift farther and farther away, the more I become comfortable with my solitude
It is a gift after all
The next step
Om Maya
Increase dissolution to the supreme female divinity – Kali
I am one with God